Public Policy Club Hyderabad, in its endeavour to promote understanding and appreciation of public policy in the student body, organised a number of events covering a gamut of current policy issues.
The Brexit Debate
June 29, 2016 witnessed ISB CO 2017's first debate on the momentous Brexit Fallout. The debate was judged and moderated by Prof. Krishna B Kumar (RAND Foundation) and Prof. Amartya Lahiri (Institute of Asian Research). The venue brimmed with students as they huddled up to understand the ramifications of the biggest political decision of the year.
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India's Olympic Debacle
Continuing our series of intellectual salons, the club in association with ISB Sports League (ISL) organised another debate on the much talked about topic " Is cricket's popularity responsible for India's poor performance at the Olympics" . The debate pitted Hyderabad and Mohali campuses against each other and the lively debate was judged by Prof. Kanishka Sinha Know More >
iPolicy Workshop
Hyderabad Campus on September 10th and 11th played host to Public Administration veterans like Dr. Jayaprakash Narayan (Founder Loksatta Party) and Sh. Parth J Shah (Founder President of Centre for Civil Society) who helped students delve deeper into policy issues and the application of management principles to administration at iPolicy Workshop organised by Public Policy Club in association with Centre for Civil Society. Know More >
Alum Interactions
With a view to giving students a broad view of careers in the policy domain, we paganize various student interactions with ISB alums working in organizations like Dalberg, FSG, CHAI and the Andhra Government. These interactions saw great turnouts and alums answered a range of questions from the skillset required for these jobs to the application procedure, preparation for interviews and the like.