Developing Corporate skilling strategies to enhance women’s employability

. "Developing Corporate skilling strategies to enhance women’s employability", Mohali, 2019
This research report on ‘Developing Corporate Skilling Strategies to Enhance Women’s Employability Through CSR Programmes’, is funded by Hero MotoCorp Limited and is in collaboration with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC). In this study we have leveraged both primary and secondary data, ranging from NSDC’s government and corporate funded skilling initiatives, their impact on employability, effectiveness of training eco-system and contribution of Corporate Social Responsibility for enhancing Female Labor Force participation rate (FLFPR) in India. The findings of this report are thought provoking and help us understand reasons for India’s dropping FLFPR, we also discuss a few remedial measures.
The country’s Female Labour Force Participation Rate (FLFPR), was at its peak in 2005, at 36.8%, and has been declining ever since. It was only 26.9% in 2018 – the lowest among all the G20 countries except Saudi Arabia. In comparison, the world average FLFPR is higher, at approximately 48.5%, Brazil’s is 53.08%, Russia 56.31%, China 60.87% and South Africa 47.9%.
To analyse and identify the gaps, areas of improvement, and the measures to increase the
participation of women in the workforce, we have attempted a comprehensive study involving the NSDC’s training partner eco-system and trainees under the government-funded and fee-based skilling programmes, skilling experts, working women and have also assessed the corporate sector’s contribution to women-centric programs through their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. Overall, this study assesses the impact these skilling initiatives have had on the employability of women in India.