Spirituality and Corporate Philanthropy in Indian Family Firms

Working Papers
Bhatnagar, Navneet.,Sharma, Pramodita., Ramachandran, Kavil. "Spirituality and Corporate Philanthropy in Indian Family Firms "
Family firms are known to help local community through philanthropy. Scholars have examined the nature, process, and outcomes of family firm philanthropy. However, the study of heterogeneity in their philanthropy motives across cultural contexts has received inadequate attention. Based on 16 cases of Indian family firms, this paper examines the influence of spirituality on family firm philanthropy. The paper presents a typology of family firm philanthropy by juxtaposing two dimensions: (i) ‘Dharma’ - i.e., the firm’s sense of duty towards society, and (ii) ‘Karma’ - i.e., the degree of family involvement in philanthropy. Four distinct philanthropic engagement profiles are identified.