Retail Bazaar
What is Retail Bazaar?
This is a competition where people can come up with a merchandise of their choice, price them, market them and sell them. Kindly note that the merchandise should be related to the theme of Equinox which is Carnival. Teams can be as creative as they want in relating their merchandise to the theme.
Who can participate?
The competition is open to everyone on campus - students, spouses all can participate.
How will we operate?
We will be putting up 4 stalls of 4 feet by 4 feet area with one stall per team. Teams will be putting up their merchandise in these stalls for sale. A team can consist of 3-4 members. Each team will be given half an hour to set up their merchandise in the stalls from 7 PM - 7:30 PM, post which the competition will start at 7:30 PM and go on till 9 PM. We will communicate the venue with everyone very soon.
What is in it for the participants?
Well, apart from the thrill and excitement of having a small venture of your own, we will be giving away jaw dropping prizes. First prize will be of Rs. 3,000 and the runners upwill get Rs. 1,500. This is on top of the money that you earn and get to keep (duh!) from your sales!
Prizes! Amazing! So how will you decide the winners?
The teams will be given points on the basis of the following parameters:
1. Choice of merchandise (and how it relates to the theme of Equinox - Carnival)
2. Pricing strategy
3. Visual Merchandising - how enticing does your merchandise stall look!
4. Footfalls
5. Revenue generated
6. Marketing 
7. Demand forecast and Inventory management - because we are in ISB!
Teams with maximum points across these parameters will win.
Who to contact for clarifications?
Following are the creators of the competition. Bug them over the phone or email whenever you want!

Hoping to see a fun, crazy and fabulous participation from the entrepreneur in you!