Programme Overview

Programme Structure

Module 1: Identifying the strategic direction and support systems needed
  • To provide deeper clarity to participants on the background, purpose and design of the Smart Cities programme of GoI
  • To enable them to conduct a SWOT analysis for their city and use that to develop a strategic direction and vision for the city
  • Enable them to identify the supporting systems needed to realize the strategic direction

Module 2: Identifying the strategic inputs, action plan and next step
  • To enable participants to get a basic understanding of data analysis and the relevant tools
  • Enable them to develop a framework of inputs required for realizing the strategic direction and vision
  • To familiarize participants with some of the best practices in various sectors
  • Enable participants to understand the inter-sectoral relationship for their shortlisted strategic action plans
  • Tfamiliarize participants with the basics of e-governance and opportunities for optimizing service delivery using ICT
  • To familiarize the participants with the basics of financing mechanisms and options available for implementation of strategic action plans
  • To enable them to identify suitable financing and implementation mechanisms suiting their shortlisted strategies
  • To enable them to develop an action plan and identify the next step
Each offering will be covered over duration of six weeks comprising two residencies of two to three days each (total five days) at ISB’s campus in Mohali/Hyderabad with intervening periods of about 5-6 weeks which will have participants working on data collection and other exercises at their normal work place, with on-line support from ISB.
The first module of the first round of Labs will be offered on 19-20th October. Dates for the subsequent modules to be held through November – December will be intimated to participants after the first module.