• To promote sports as an instrument for physical and mental fitness
  • To promote camaraderie in the batch through sports events.
  • To promote healthy and active life styles among students, spouses and the whole ISB community
Club Activities
Live Football Screenings: To let the student community experience the joy of watching a sport together,  Sports Club screened several Fifa World Cup matches live that witnessed a huge turnout of people despite the ubiquitous never-ending deadlines, wherein people cheered for their teams, rejoiced at victories and agonised over defeats.
Workshops: To aid and enhance the thriving Frisbee community at ISB, Frisbee workshops were organized wherein alums and national level players came to teach basic rules, throw and catch techniques, and fitness and conditioning regimes for experienced players.

Microsoft Football Game: To learn the tenets and tricks of football, and also to network with alums, ISB’s football team invited Microsoft’s football team twice on campus and played intense matches. It turned out to be an immensely great opportunity for learning and demonstrating the talented bunch of footballers ISB has.

Throwball: To involve wider and active participation of the student community in helping others learn, a Throwball tournament was organised on the suggestion of a current student who not just refereed but also taught students and spouses who were playing this game for the first time.

Games (At Pride Parade Carnival): To lend support to LGBTQ community and to celebrate Pride in Diversity, Sports Club organised games like Running Tic-Tac-Toe, Dizzy Penalties and Dare2Dart that witnessed an overwhelming response. People fainted, laughed, ran, fell but created happy memories nevertheless.

Section Wars: A total of 14 sport tournaments were organised which included Badminton, Football, Frisbee, Chess, Cricket et cetera.  All the sections put their best foot forward consistently and put up a great show of their skills and strength as they sweat it out against competing teams. Section E emerged victorious by winning multiple sports and their never-say-die attitude.