SREI Infrastructure Club

Road building pace at an all time high of 20 Kms a day in the current financial year and the current government would like to take it to 30 Kms a day. Is that possible? India still needs 18.78 million homes in the urban areas; there are 6.88 lacs ready homes unsold in just 6 cities of India. Why are people not buying when there is such acute shortage? Rural housing shortage is 2.5 times the shortage in urban areas. Why is nobody addressing it? Nearly US$ 24 billion invested in Indian construction and development sector since opening up of FDI. How much more is needed, are investors ready to invest more, have investors made any money in the past? India has only 0.55 hotel rooms per 1,000 people against 5 rooms per 1,000 people in Shanghai. Despite that why is the hospitality industry under so much of pressure? Do we really need SEZs? REIT proposal has been passed in late 2014. Will REITs be successful in India?

These are some questions that haunt everybody in the real estate and infrastructure sector whether it is a large enterprise, a local construction contractor, a foreign investor, a home buyer, or the government agencies. Employing about 35 million people indirectly, real estate and infrastructure sector is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in India. The SREI Real Estate & Infrastructure Club is a platform to bring together students with past experience this sector and students who want to join this sector post completion of the program. It offers an opportunity to the students to understand the reality of ‘Realty’ and ‘Infra’ by learning from each other, networking with industry professionals, undertaking project visits, and attending relevant seminars and conferences.

The club has a motto of making its members industry ready through development of skill set required in the real estate & infrastructure industries. Keeping in view the expectations and aspirations of the club members and building on the establishments of the previous year’s club, this year the club has designed a comprehensive program that includes monthly industry speaker sessions, monthly dissemination of industry reports, study treks in term breaks, site visits on a regular basis, and Peer-to-Peer (P2P) sessions by students with rich experience in these sectors.