Emerging technologies and digitally-powered delivery models are fundamentally transforming how the businesses evolves and serves its stakeholders. Traditional boundaries of firms are getting disrupted at a rapid pace, forcing various companies to re-think their strategies, not just for business growth and competitive advantage, but also for survival. The dominance of large established firms and traditional industry incumbents is being increasingly challenged by technology giants (like Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, etc.), as well as upstart digital entrepreneurs with data-intensive business models and personalised value propositions.

There is also a host of unprecedented opportunities for executives and leaders across all business functions to leverage the digital world in redefining how they transform themselves, innovate, shape their culture, collaborate and grow. To realise these opportunities, firms require a new breed of digital-savvy leadership who are ready for more uncertain, open and dynamic contexts.
To help meet these very different and dynamic leadership development need of growing digital-age competition, ISB has launched highly differentiated, multi-module and immersive learning programmes.