Leading Digital Business transformation and innovation programme - Custom 


Emerging technologies (such as Blockchain, IOT, AI/ML) are fundamentally transforming firm’s business models and needs to be adopted for business growth, competitive advantage and sustainability.

The requirements may vary from process-improvement, identifying unmet customer needs or creating ecosystem of partnerships. For the same, forward-looking firms face challenges in adopting new technologies and business model at various implementation levels within the organization.

Business leaders today need an understanding of how digitalisation is changing the rules of competition, disrupting traditional industry incumbents and transforming products, services, business models and business functions.

ISB’s “Leading Digital Business Transformation and Innovation” programme customized for the business domain or firm-specific needs, is an immersive learning programme, designed for mid-to-senior level leadership teams. The programme modules are designed to make executives understand these emerging technologies, learn to identify their implications/use cases to their firm-specific needs and be able to lead these digital transformation initiatives in their organization.

Taking the programme as a team help the firm’s executives be at the same level of understanding towards technology advances, makes firm better positioned to execute the digital transformation initiatives and amplifies the overall benefits to the firm.

We have been conducting the Leading Digital Business Transformation and Innovation Programme with firms for the past 3 years with more than 200 participants. For e.g. Novartis India

To design and develop a custom training programme specific to your firms/industry needs, you may please contact us at sritne@isb.edu