Engage with us
Our deep commitment to having an open model of close collaborations with the corporate sector stems from the fact that these associations create great value; for your organisation, and for students and researchers at ISB. If your organisation is interested in collaborating with SRITNE researchers, there are two different collaboration forms to choose from. Collaboration initiatives range between co-creating learning modules to solving specific problems and questions to large-scale research projects. Given that the research results can be of use for the company and the researchers get the opportunity to acquire new knowledge about important development areas by tackling actual problems and ideas, the benefits of  collaborating are mutual. We welcome both national as well as international collaborative partners. Our knowledge environment stimulates openness and promotes exchange of knowledge.


Student Engagement
Our student engagement initiatives foster a culture of experimentation and self-directed learning. To promoteengagement in learning -including active participation in our core research themes, we invite students to collaborate, explore and research ideas of relevance to today’s big questions. We hope to drive curiosity, interest, optimism, and passion towards research that students exhibit through white papers and research articles.


Mridula Anand