Research Associates
Abhishek Bhatia
Abhishek works as a Research Associate with Prof. Deepa Mani. He graduated from NIT Warangal and worked for over four years in Investment Banking. His research interests lie at the intersection of technology and finance. He is currently interested in understanding the impact of technology in expanding entrepreneurial finance.
Bhoomi Thakkar
Research Associate
Bhoomi works as a Research Associate with Professor Deepa Mani. She is a Computer Science graduate from VJTI, Mumbai and has interned at Samsung and a US-based start-up in Mumbai. Her research interests lie in the field of Language Processing and Computer Vision. She is currently working on US patent data to classify firms based on their technology portfolios
Naveen T B
Naveen works as a Research Associate with Prof. Deepa Mani. He graduated from NITK, Surathkal and worked for almost four years as an iOS developer. Later he went on to pursue an MBA from Indian School of Business and worked as a Product Manager for almost an year. He is interested in solving policy issues using analytical methods and exploring how Data Science techniques are changing the industry landscape.
Rohan Sharma

Rohan works with Prof. Deepa Mani and is interested in supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning problems and algorithms. He is currently working on unstructured data mining and analysis. He has worked as a Research Associate with Professors Jayanthi Sunder and Shyam Sunder before. His work was based on text mining and analysis, ML-based classification and social network analysis of the Enron Email Dataset to analyze the flow of communication in an organization. Before this, he worked as a maintenance engineer in Reliance Industries Limited for 2 years.

Rohin Nandakumar
Rohin graduated from the London School of Economics with an MSc in Economics. Prior to that he completed his BSc in Economics, Mathematics and Statistics from Christ University, Bengaluru. He is currently working as a Research Associate with Professor Deepa Mani. He is particularly interested in Development Economics. At SRITNE he is exploring the intersection between Economics and Information Technology. 
Sreevathsan Sridhar
Sreevathsan works as a Research Associate with Prof. Rajib Saha, he graduated from NIT, Trichy and worked for almost six years in the semiconductor design industry. He started his career as a verification engineer in nVidia Graphics, moved to a startup as a design engineer and, later, worked as an architect. He has worked on Machine Learning based optimisation and classification problems. He is interested in understanding the economic impact of technology and innovation using analytical and empirical methods.