Novartis India
SRITNE has been conducting custom-designed programme for Novartis India since 2017. As of date we have delivered for two batches - Nov 2017 and May 2018. The third batch is confirmed for Nov 2018 and there is another in pipeline for March 2019.
The programme is titled "Leading Digital Business Transformation and Innovation and Service Innovation". The programme is attended by 30-35 senior executives from the various functions of Novartis - Global Drug Development, Novartis Business Services, IT, Finance, Procurement, Legal and HR. This programme provides insights into a range of emerging technologies and enhanced the participant's understanding of how the new digital ecosystem can be leveraged to create new models of value creation and extraction in the pharmaceutical sector.
We organize a Digital Boot camp to identify the technologies and technology-enabled processes and business models aligned with Novartis. The objective is to understand how new technologies and business models are disrupting incumbent businesses and transforming traditional business functions. We help develop a strategic roadmap to effect Digital Transformation capably and quickly throughout Novartis.