Year 2019
Batch I
SRITNE Schdeuled to deliver a 3-day custom-designed programme for 30-40 senior executives of Novartis Global Drug Development and Novartis Business Services. 

March 18-20, 2019

ISB Faculty & Industry SpeakersTopics
Professor Deepa Mani, ISB Resident facultyDigital Disruptions  – The Incumbent’s Dilemma  and response
Professor Youngjin Yoo

Why Design and Why Digital
Design Inquiry for Digital Innovation - Understanding the Stakeholder
Design Inquiry for Digital Innovation - Solution Generation for End to End User Experience

Professor Jitendra SinghLeadership Roles in the Face of Change
Professor Anitesh Barua, Visiting facultyCompeting with Business Analytics,
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
The Value of Unstructured Data 
Disrupting the Value Chain with Blockchain 
Mahesh Balani, Anthill VenturesInteractions with Health Tech startups