Work From Home
Over the past decade, organizations have increasingly embraced diverse distributed and remote work arrangements. However, the implications of these arrangements have been under-investigated since they are not systematic or pervasive - they have typically been limited to a select group of occupations and organizations. All of that seems to be fast changing with the outbreak of COVID-19. Several millions of workers across diverse sectors and organizational types have been asked to self-quarantine and/ or work from home. In this context, it is valuable, necessary even, to understand the impact of such arrangements on workers, organizations, and society.
To understand these issues better, we have rolled out a brief online survey about the impact of sudden remote work on staff and organizations. We hope to observe how coping strategies of firms evolve in the short run.
The results will inform organizational prescriptions to deal with such challenges and also, provide policy makers with more information to guide such arrangements, including design effective risk mitigation strategies and minimize disruptions.
Our survey complements independent analyses and development of a Work From Home (WFH) index that assesses the amenability of various jobs to remote working. We will publish findings from the survey analyses as well as the WFH index