Published PapersMani, Deepa., Krishnan, Ranjani. (2018) "Uncertainty and Compensation Design in Strategic Inter-Firm Contracts", Contemporary Accounting Research
Published PapersBharadwaj, Anandhi., Mani, Deepa., Nandkumar, Anand. (2018) "When Companies Want to Innovate But Investors Won’t Let Them", Harvard Business Review
Published PapersKotlarsky, J, Oshri, I, Dibbern, J, Mani, Deepa. (2018) "IS Sourcing", MIS Quarterly Research Curations
Published PapersMani, Deepa. (2018) "Impact Assessment of Common Service Centers in India", prepared for Ministry of IT
Published PapersMani, Deepa. (2017) "Framework paper on shared mobility", prepared for NITI Aayog
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