The comprehensive curriculum provides a framework through which participants learn to enhance their management skills, expand their knowledge of banking management, and gain a strategic perspective of the banking industry. The programme’s courses and the final project are designed around the real-world integration of business disciplines. Apart from these courses, there are preparatory courses which will have to be completed before the programme begins.

Pre-course reading materials which are in the form of text books, cases, articles etc., will be made available to all participants in advance. Participants are expected to spend 8 to 10 hours per week studying the material before they commence classes each term. Online assessments and pre-course projects are also incorporated in the programme to ensure academic rigour.

Action learning is an important pedagogical tool that is designed to give participants a chance to practice their management theories in real life scenarios. Each participant will be required to bring a business challenge. The faculty will help in scoping out the challenge and finding a solution. The project will have milestone-based review and will help participants to apply their classroom learning in the real-world context.

Participants will be required to complete projects and assignments given by the faculty during the course of the programme. The final Certification will depend on the successful completion of such assignments.