Sponsor an Employee

The Employee Sponsorship Programme allows a corporate to work along with outstanding employees in grooming them for senior management positions within the company. For employers, it is a chance to finance world-class education for talented employees while encouraging them to stay and grow with the company.

Employers value what the employees bring back to their organisations and are willing to sponsor them as they know that the strategies and insights, which their employees learn will be put to best use at the work place. Employer’s willingness to sponsor their employee demonstrates their faith in the employee’s future.

However, in order to maintain the high quality of the ISB participant profile, we require all sponsored candidates to meet the admissions requirements and go through the regular admissions process.

Benefits of Sponsorship
There are several benefits of sponsorship for the employer as well as for the employee.

Benefit to employers:
  • Retain and motivate high performing employees - reduces cost of hiring, training and lost productivity during the learning phase for new employee
  • Upgrade skills of high performing employees to enable greater performance in senior roles
  • Improve attraction of new talent since a sponsorship policy signals organisation’s commitment to individual employee’s growth
  • Employees participate in the programme while continuing to work, and hence they are able to immediately apply what they have learned in the classroom within their organisations
  • Sponsorship can be used to reward exceptional performance and target employees for career advancement, therefore increasing employee loyalty
Sponsorship Procedure
To sponsor an employee, a letter of support needs to be sent to the CSRM office. This letter of support can be submitted either with the application for admission by the applicant or after the applicant has been admitted into the programme.

It is advisable to submit this letter of support along with the application material, as it signals the employer’s faith in the competence of the sponsored employee.