Teacher Training

There are several thousand faculty educating students across classrooms in numerous higher education institutions all over India today. Yet, the classrooms in higher education institutions largely continue to be what they were decades ago. Many faculty continue to use outdated teaching methods, tools and content. The complex challenge of introducing high-quality teaching, rich and dynamic curricula and relevant content into the nation’s classrooms is yet to be seriously addressed. The Indian School of Business (ISB) is in the unique position of having access to state-of-the-art tools and resources that are unavailable to a large portion of the universities in India. We recognise that effective instructors don’t simply teach; they open minds and expand the decision-making capabilities of students by sparking debate and discussion in the classroom.An effective instructor knows when to leave discussions unresolved, forcing students to find answers in introspection and self discovery- the most powerful paths to learning. Providing teachers with such skills is one of ISB’s key priorities. There are almost 4,000 MBA programmes in India today, a strong testament to how vital management education is perceived to be within our education system. Management graduates will drive the growth of enterprises and industries into the future. Therefore, it is imperative that they are given the knowledge, skills and tools to innovate, make decisions, and manage the challenges  of business. In our journey to improve the quality of higher education in India, we have begun with a focus on business schools (B-Schools). We have designed training programmes with the goal of bringing Indian B-School faculty up to global standards of teaching and content creation. The impact of these programmes  will be exponential. Every graduate who  attends courses or classes taught by faculty trained through this programme will be exposed to more effective teaching, and thus, more powerful learning.
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