Funding Patnerships

TEP aims to provide a mix of experiential learning, skill building and, most importantly, a mind-set shift, while developing attitudes, behaviours and capacities at the individual student level. For this initiative to evolve and gain momentum, it requires financial support and contributions of Government, Corporates, Foundations and individuals.
ISB endeavours to use any funding received to fulfil the following:
  • Establishing technology labs in areas of relevance to the society
  • Strengthening and Scaling of TEP
  • Granting awards/scholarships to recognise excellence among students and Engineering faculty

For corporates looking to spend their CSR funding in a more meaningful and impactful way, TEP offers you an efficient way to do so. Also, as funding partners you will be given due recognition in terms of being profiled on our collateral and represented along with ISB for any TEP related events and media releases.