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While media has blossomed and proliferated in India over the past couple of decades, the growth has been largely driven by an imperative to fulfil unmet needs of a large population with diverse requirements of news, information, entertainment and other forms of content. However, to maintain this growth momentum, the drivers have to be re-examined as the market saturates with a plethora of offerings. Academic research can provide the necessary insights to organizations that would like to remain in the drivers’ seat amidst such secular and sustained growth of media and media-related organizations.
At The Media Hub we shall endeavour to develop research-based solutions for the industry and policy-makers alike by bringing together global researchers. The Media Hub is an attempt at building a knowledge network for the media-marketing-technology triad. The Media Hub, as the name suggests, plays the role of bringing stakeholders at the cusp of content, business and academia on one platform to promote better understanding and management practices, and foster innovation. We hope to facilitate learning opportunities through partnership with industry players, audiences, marketers and other stakeholders, as we go along.
If you are bitten by the media bug, please connect with The Media Hub to share ideas about how we can help strengthen this important sector for the benefit of the industry and the consumers.
Siddharth Shekhar Singh
Associate Professor of Marketing
Director, Fellow Programme in Management (FPM)
Head of the initiative for excellence in media research (The Media Hub)