Media in India

Indian media consumption in the year 2012 can be portrayed by,
  • 182 million newspaper and magazine readers
  • 146 million television households
  • As also, millions of radio listeners, film viewer and live entertainment audiences
Catered to by,
  • More than 82000 newspapers and periodicals
  • More than 623 cable and satellite channels
  • More than 240 private radio stations apart from All India Radio
  • Thousands of providers of filmed and live entertainment
  • Aggregate gross earnings of over USD13.0 billion
Without including much of the,
  • 132 million internet users and
  • 929 million mobile subscribers
  • Gaming community
Served by
  • Innumerable web portals and other digital and mobile content creators and aggregators
However, impact of media is not entirely captured by the industry turnover, even if mobile and internet revenues were to be included. Unlike many other sectors revenues can be misleading. A better indication of the impact and influence of media as a sector lay in the consumption base, which is perhaps next only to Commodities, FMCG and Consumer Durables.
The conventional understanding of sector is still largely bound by the pre-digital era contours, thus leaving a sizeable and growing chunk of technology-driven media at the periphery.