Team Hyderabad
Drishika Muthanna
President Drishika is an engineering graduate with a little over 2.5 years of work experience in the IT Risk Advisory and Risk Assurance domains. She completed her B.E from R.V College of Engineering, Bangalore, and worked with Ernst & Young LLP prior to joining ISB.
As an undergraduate student, Drishika decided on a whim to try out for the collegiate Theatre Club, and it has been her go-to ever since. She has written, directed, and acted, in numerous plays and a couple short films, and believes that everyone should have the chance to explore this medium.
Ayushi Pandey
Vice President Ayushi is a B.E. from MSRIT, Bangalore. She has 3 years of work experience across E-commerce and IT Consulting companies, that is, Amazon and Thorogood Associates. She is also a certified meditation trainer. She has been involved in theatre and short films since her early days. She has been a part of a professional theatre Group in Bangalore.
Her upbringing across varied cultures has made her evolve as a creative person who can mesmerize the audience with her expressions and helps bring out the best in the co-actors.

Prateek Narain Sharma
Events Coordinator Prateek is a B.E. from BITS, Pilani. He has 4 years of work experience across diverse areas of Financial services and Strategy consulting at Goldman Sachs and Boston Consulting Group respectively. A marathon runner, swimmer and harmonica player Prateek also has a disproportionate amount of interest in theatre. He has been involved in writing scripts, organizing events and numerous street plays right from his under-graduation days. He continued his passion for the art in his professional career by organizing and participating at events in the organizations he has worked for.

Team Mohali
Aishwarya Sharma
President Aishwarya has worked as a business technology consultant with Deloitte USI for almost 4 years before joining ISB. She has the experience of implementing and managing major Public Sector clients for the US government. An actor and a writer, she has been actively involved in Theatre since her college days. Be it stage plays, or street plays she loves to be a part of it all and is a firm believer of the fact that theatre can defeat all inhibitions and bring true happiness in all lives. 

Anurag Bhalotia
Vice President A finance enthusiast from Kolkata(yes, the land of roshogollas) ,an SRCC graduate who believes that theatre has powers unfathomable, enough to break shackles that bind and divide us humans – only second to pizzas. Always up for discussions on sitcoms, why Delhi’s better than Bombay and how North Campus(DU) can change your life.

Maclene Katie Andrade
Events Coordinator Maclene, a Chartered Accountant and Investment Manager, Barclays is enthusiastic about sports, has a flair for dramatics and enjoys running marathons. Things you will often find Maclene doing are dancing, devouring exotic food and volunteering for social causes.

Tanisha SoniĀ 
Marketing Director Tanisha has a degree in Psychology and Asian Studies from the University of Toronto with work experience in advertising with Ogilvy and with product development in Senior World, an e-commerce startup. She has prior experience with and is interested in consumer behavior and engagement along with brand strategy and communication. Apart from being a Cinematic Junkie with a love for all things dramatic, she enjoys spending her time engaging in gastronomical pursuits, dancing to questionable music and reading Dr. Seuss.