"Living a Boardroom Battle"July 03, 2017 | Mon | 17:00Open to PublicProfessor Nirmalya Kumar will be speaking on “Living a Boardroom Battle" and learnings with respect to Governance and Indian Businesses”. WHAT HAPPENED AT THIS EVENT
Interactive Session with Prof Dr Pius Baschera, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hilti CorporationNovember 21, 2016 | Mon | 16:30By InvitationInteractive session with Prof Dr Pius Baschera on Leadership Challenges in Building a Global Company READ MORE
Black Money - Efforts and ChallengesJanuary 15, 2015 | Thu | 19:15For ISB CommunityMr Yadav spent many years in the Ministry of Finance before taking over as Officer on Special Duty to the President. WHAT HAPPENED AT THIS EVENT
Building Long Lasting Family Businesses: Lessons for Indian BusinessMay 14, 2014 | Wed | 17:45By InvitationWe are organising a talk by Professor Pramodita Sharma on Building Long Lasting Family Businesses. WHAT HAPPENED AT THIS EVENT