Team Hyderabad
Saumya Saxena
President Saumya is a landscape architect who earned her Masters in Architecture degree from School of Planning & Architecture in Delhi. She has over five years of experience working with prominent architects like Shaheer Associates and Kanvinde Rai & Chowdhury to name a few. For the past two years, apart from establishing her own design firm, she has been an Assistant Professor in an architecture college and is currently co-authoring a book on Smart Cities. As President of WiB, she wishes to create more opportunities for women at ISB to become stronger leaders and future role models.

Vice President
Anusha has worked in the women development space while pursuing her Bachelor’s in Commerce from Lady Shri Ram College. Before ISB, she joined Arcesium India as a Financial Analyst and learnt the ins and outs of the financial services industry. As the vice-president of the club, she is excited to openly discuss the various gender issues in the workplace today and to work towards the advancement of women in the business world.

Jaba Misra
Events Coordinator Jaba completed her B.A. (Hons) in Mathematics from Delhi University and M.Phil. in Economics from University of Cambridge, UK. She has worked as an economist for 4+ years with the World Bank and The Mahindra Group. At World Bank, she analysed trends and provided recommendations on macroeconomic and fiscal policy management and finance and markets, among other projects. Having worked in an international multilateral and an Indian corporate, she has a diverse perspective on the issues faced by women in corporates and how these issues can be managed. Through WIB she wishes to organise events to bring the community together and raise awareness regarding more inclusive and gender-neutral practices.

Prachi Singhal
Alumni Relations Coordinator Prachi is a former management consultant having five years of experience working in sales and marketing areas for Fortune 500 companies in the Asia Pacific region. She completed her undergraduate degree in Mathematics from Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi University.
As a part of WiB, she wishes to engage the current student body as well as the alum body to discuss and brainstorm on practical solutions which could help overcome and mitigate issues faced by women at workplace and beyond.

Bhakti Sheth
CAC Coordinator
Bhakti completed her Bachelor’s in Business Management from Christ University, Bangalore post which she joined Goldman Sachs as an Analyst in Securities Operations. After 2 years, she moved to a digital marketing start-up to head its operations. She is keen on sensitizing men and women to give up deeply-ingrained, traditional mindsets while empowering women to think beyond and take more risks.
Akriti Sarin
Learning & Development Coordinator Akriti graduated in Finance and Insurance from Northeastern university in Boston. She is a former Associate and has worked with BCG and Deloitte within their Strategy Operations and Healthcare consulting groups. Upon her return to India in 2016, she confounded Hind Shakti- a solar energy consultancy based out of Delhi NCR which focuses primarily on rural electrification initiatives. Akriti was the Finance chair of the Boston (Newton) chapter of Women in Networking at Deloitte and has been involved in women empowerment initiatives for the past 7 years. As the L&D lead, she looks forward to galvanizing the identity of her peers as future pioneers and bringing the flavor of holistic development both inside and outside the classroom.

Aakanksha Gupta
Flagship Event Coordinator Akanksha is the co-founder of a start up called Elevate which was a networking and learning platform for women in social media.
As part of WiB she wants to provide more learning opportunities for women so that they can succeed in a field of their choice while creating a network of people who believe and support each other.
She is a trained classical dancer and likes travelling and reading.

Arijeet Rana
Marketing & Communications Coordinator Arijeet has worked in the fields of ecommerce and brand communication for the past 3 years. He completed his undergraduate degree in Economics from St Xavier’s, Kolkata. As part of WiB, he wants to work on gender sensitization, and create a more gender neutral work environment in corporates and in society in general.