Karan Nangru

Briefly, describe your personal and professional achievements (including recent awards/ special projects):

  • Filed a patent that has been accepted and is in translation
  • Developed & presented a product offering on Internet Of Things at XebiCon 2015 conference (Amsterdam)
  • Won a 'first of its kind' project for a major international airport to setup their Big Data Lab over Microsoft Azure cloud using Cloudera big data platform
  • Author to a book on Digital Transformation (in progress)
  • Acknowledged by KDNuggets for my recent knowledge contribution in the Big Data Science space

Tell us about your profile prior to attending ISB and recap your professional life after ISB, including your career progression:
Prior to attending ISB, I was a Digital Architect at McKinsey Digital Labs (McKinsey & Company).

Post ISB, I joined Xebia Group to head their big data COE in India, namely GoDataDriven. Few months into the same, became the CTO of the parent company Xebia and now look after Xebia's centres of innovation & business development.

What was the main highlight or most memorable aspect of your programme at the ISB? How do you think your time at ISB has contributed to your career and personal growth?

The network that I built at ISB. Not just my peers, but the ISB faculty as well.

Got the chance to attend lectures of thorough statisticians and data scientists, whom I am in regular connect with now for any help in their area of expertise! Regular guest lectures by industry experts were quite a value-add.

This ISB course has helped me better consult in the field of Business Analytics. I was already actively developing Big Data products before joining ISB, this course helped me learn how to produce insights on the collected data and how to visualise these data insights in a way that it makes sense to the data stewards and stakeholders

What is the next new thing in the industry or vertical you are working in? Are there any trends that you can identify?

Internet of Connected Everything!

Building relevant applications that talk to your devices and provide an ambient user experience across each form factor by learning from your usage patterns of each of these devices. These devices include mobiles, wearables, domestic electronic devices, automotive and environmental devices etc

If you could offer a word of advice to the current class at ISB, what would it be?

Last 5 years, the industry has witnessed the emergence of disruptive technologies and evolution of IT paradigms. New data platforms are being introduced each quarter with a new data munging tool or library contributed each month.
Focus on learning the ‘why' and ‘how' of each of the subjects that you are taught in the class. There are multiple ways to solve a problem. Get hands-on experience of at least one way!

Published Date: 2015/08/20