Working Papers

Working PapersGhoshal, Tanuka., Gill, Tripat. "A Theory of Cultural Stereotypes: Prevalence and Implications of the Fair-Skin Bias in India "
Working PapersGhoshal, Tanuka., Batra, Rishtee Kumar., Belk, Russell W. "An Ethnographic Investigation of Flamboyance and Subtlety in Sensory Choices in India"Centre for Emerging Markets Solutions
Working PapersGhoshal, Tanuka., Batra, Rishtee Kumar., Belk, Russell W. "Cultural Capital and Taste Distinctions in Urban India"Centre for Emerging Markets Solutions
Working PapersGhoshal, Tanuka., Batra, Rishtee Kumar., Chattopadhyay, Amitava. "Product Curvature: A Theory of Self Concept"
Working PapersGhoshal, Tanuka., Boatwright, Peter.,Cagan, Jonathan.,Mathur, Pragya. "Under What Conditions does External Packaging Aesthetics Affect Product Evaluations?"
Working PapersLampel, Joseph., Ramachandran, Kavil., Bhalla, Ajay. " Inter-Institutional Venture Governance in Indian Family Firms "Thomas Schmidheiny Centre for Family EnterpriseRead Abstract >Close >

Working PapersMondal, Arindam.,Bhadra, Shantanu., Ramachandran, Kavil. "Does Family Involvement Matter for Internationalization of Firms? An Investigation into Emerging Multinationals from India"Thomas Schmidheiny Centre for Family EnterpriseRead Abstract >Close >Emerging Multinationals (EMNEs) have attracted significant research attention in the recent years so are the internationalizing family firms (FFs) for being embedded in unique contexts - country for the former and family for the later. As FFs constitute a significant proportion of the EMNEs in some big emerging economies like India, drawing from both research streams, we investigate how family owned EMNEs differ from non-family EMNEs and how the heterogeneity of family owned EMNEs explains the full spectrum of internationalization of family owned EMNEs - spanning from lower commitment mode of exports to higher commitment mode of overseas foreign direct investments and subsidiary formations. Anchoring our research in the socioemtional wealth perspective in family business literature and behavioral risk taking theory we theorize how family owned EMNEs would differ in their internationalization trajectories from the non family owned EMNEs and how non-family professional managers shape the internationalization trajectories of family owned EMNEs differently as compared to those led by owner-managers. We test our predictions using a proprietary, longitudinal panel data set of 213 EMNEs from India featuring in the S&P BSE 500 index covering a six year period from 2007-08 to 2012-13. We report general empirical support for most of our predictions.

Working Papers, Agrawal S., , Prasanna Tantri.,, Chopra Y. "Government Employment Guarantee, Labor Supply and Firms’ Reaction: Evidence from the largest Public Workfare Program in the World"Read Abstract >Close >
Working PapersAlok, Shashwat. \"Banking the Unbanked: What Do 255 Million New Bank Accounts Reveal about Financial Access?\". Read Abstract >Close >
Working Papers, Ritam Chaurey. \"Credit Rights and Labor: Evidence from a Natural Experiment\". Read Abstract >Close >
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