India Conference on Innovation, Intellectual Property and Competition (IIPC)

The IIPC brings together scholars, practitioners and policy makers to discuss the implications of Intellectual Property for business strategy, competition, and social welfare. This year’s conference will continue the dialogue that was seeded in last year’s IIPC but will focus on specific industries such as Media, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, Information Technology. In addition, this year’s IIPC will also focus on the effects of diplomacy on Intellectual Property issues and its effects on more broadly India’s economic growth itself. Topics for this year’s will include:

  • How should IP laws in growth economies like India balance the need to provide access to products and services and stimulating incentives to innovate?
  • How should or has India’s IP laws evolved to support the scientific infrastructure to facilitate industry-academic collaboration?
  • How should IP laws evolve to keep pace with the rapid changes in technology?
  • How can IP laws nurture and support a vibrant startup ecosystem?
  • How can IP property laws of India balance its trade needs?
  • How can diplomacy influence the co-evolution of IP laws between countries?

Key note speakers include Professors Bronwyn Hall (Berkeley), Stuart Graham (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA), Francesco Lissoni (Bordeux, France), Jay Bhattacharya (Stanford, USA), Srividya Jandhyala (ESSEC, France and Singapore), Shimizu Hiroshi (Waseda, Japan)