The comprehensive AMPBA curriculum provides a framework through which participants learn to enhance their management skills, expand their knowledge of Business Analytics, and gain a strategic perspective of the industry. The programme’s courses and the final project are designed around the real-world integration of business disciplines. Apart from these courses, there are preparatory courses which will have to be completed before the programme begins.

Curriculum Details* Subject to minor changes

Software tools in the Programme:
  • R, Python, MySQL, Tableau, BigData, MapReduce, Hadoop, Spark, Advanced Excel.

The revised AMPBA curriculum introduces Artificial Intelligence and Contemporary Modules to keep the programme most dynamic at any point in time. The Contemporary modules would cover recent topics, for example, FinTech, Blockchain, Healthcare Analytics, People Analytics, Sports and Media Analytics, and many more. These modules will keep changing based on the recommendation from the Academic Committee considering the latest demand from the industry and/or research in academia.

Foundation Term
1) Probability and Statistics using R
2) Introduction to Python
Term 1
  1. Data Collection
  2. Data Visualization
  3. Statistical Analysis-1
  4. Foundation of Big Data Management
  5. Business Communications and Story telling
Term 2
  1. Optimization
  2. Text Analytics
  3. Statistical Analysis-2
  4. Advanced Topics in Big Data (MapReduce, Hadoop, Spark, Pig, Hive)
  5. Foundational Project-1
Term 3
  1. Machine Learning (Unsupervised Learning-1)
  2. Big Data Applications
  3. Advanced Optimization and Simulation
  4. Multivariate Analysis
  5. Contemporary Topics-1
Term 4
  1. Machine Learning (Unsupervised Learning-2)
  2. Machine Learning (Supervised Learning-1)
  3. Forecasting Analytics
  4. Count Data and Survival Analysis
  5. Foundational Project-2
Term 5
  1. Machine Learning (Supervised Learning-2)
  2. Deep learning
  3. Customer Analytics
  4. Financial Analytics
  5. Contemporary Topics-2
Term 6
  1. Applications of Artificial Intelligence
  2. Digital Media Analytics
  3. Supply Chain Analytics
  4. Pricing Analytics
  5. Contemporary Topics-3
Capstone Project
Real-world Projects (in Marketing, Retail, ITES, Public Policy, Agriculture, Operations, HR, Finance, etc.)

- under the guidance of Project (Industry) mentor and Faculty, and the supervision of the project evaluation committee