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The ISB’s Leadership programmes are designed to equip you with a 360-degree perspective of empowering teams and leading successfully in times of ambiguity to inspire innovation and change.

The Centre For Executive Education (CEE) at the ISB conducts programmes for working professionals that are designed to provide timely learning interventions that help them upskill and progress in their careers, while impacting the organisations that they operate in.  Programmes are available across multiple business areas, for different seniority levels, in various national and international locations.

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Strategic Business Leadership

Programme Fee: 75,000/- +GST

Programme start date: January 26, 2021 |

Duration : 3 weeks

This programme will challenge participants to think differently, to consider the future operating environment and what it offers leaders through fresh lenses.

Through a blend of virtual learning and insightful discussions, participants will learn how to remain agile and adaptable, while fostering an organisational culture that inspires innovation and change - to create future relevance.

Women in Leadership

Programme Fee: 70,000/- +GST

Programme start date: January 23, 2021 |

Duration : 3 weeks

This programme has been designed to help women executives like you overcome the organisational hurdles that restrict your growth. You will gain a keen understanding of your own leadership style and the moves you can make to refine it. The programme will introduce you to a network of women peers, opening up opportunities across industries and empowering you to push yourself and your organisation forward.

Essentials of Leadership

Programme Fee: 85,000/- +GST

Programme start date: February 20, 2021 |

Duration : 4 weeks

This programme has been designed to help future leaders like you build a strong foundation to grow your managerial career. You will learn to tackle a challenging macro environment by combining fearless agility with empathy for your teams. The programme will show you how to communicate effectively with your teams, leading them with a vision to perform at the highest levels. Importantly, you will learn to introspect effectively in order to first manage yourself effectively. 

Beingful Leadership

Programme Fee: 85,000/- +GST

Programme start date: February 23, 2021 |

Duration : 4 weeks

The programme is based on intensive research and decades of leadership practice by the instructor into how executives can become transformational leaders. It uses insights from the wisdom traditions, modern psychology, and business research to pioneer a new approach to transformational leadership called beingful leadership.

Beingful leaders know who they are or want to become, what they care about, what their values and strengths are, how they are perceived by others, and how to align their work to their whole being in order to unleash their potential to create business impact, especially in this age of disruption. As a result, leadership is transformative for the executive and the organisation as it flows from the leadership potential at the core of the person.