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Inherent uncertainty is the new reality of the world. Getting a grip on this unpredictable situation is a vital role for top management. Building a culture of empowered leaders to inspire change and innovation is the key to success. Introducing you to 6 sets of essential leadership skills, this programme uses timeless fundamentals to prepare you for uncertain times. Extrapolated from extensive research, these are: planning, structuring, motivating, rewarding, navigating through uncertainty, and managing the politics of change.

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Key Learnings

  1. This programme helps you evolve into a leader of change and implement an action plan for the benefit of your organisation. 
  2. Gain insights about your unique leadership style through 360-degree psychometric data 
  3. Understand the correlation between leadership and change management 
  4. Explore the specific skills necessary to transform into a change agent 
  5. Coach-mentored two action plans to strengthen leadership and apply change at the workplace

Who should attend?

This programme has been designed for professionals from top management who are strategic decision makers such as CEOs and Heads of major functions such as finance, HR, IT, procurement, sales, operations.

Organisational Benefits

  1. Help leaders align their people with the organisation’s strategic and business goals 
  2. Understand leadership development in the context of the current business scenario 
  3. Assist leaders in defining roadmaps that will positively impact the organisation 
  4. Leaders are encouraged to use workplace course material to solve real-world problems

Individual Benefits

  1. Gain from one-on-one coaching with the faculty 
  2. Measure competence tracking though 360-degree feedback methodology 
  3. Define your leadership style in the context of everyday business operations 
  4. Programme continuity ensured through prework sessions


Clive Rubery

is an independent consultant, with decades of experience in leadership positions and as a consultant for effective leadership. He is a director at JLR Coaching Ltd and at Partners in Management Training Limited.

Day 1

  1. Learn the 6 fundamentals of successful management 
  2. WIS questionnaire to determine your strengths and shortcomings as a leader 
  3. A meeting with your group coach will follow

Day 2

  1. Know yourself better through 360° psychometric analysis 
  2. Receive inputs through group coaching and peer assessments 
  3. Learn to restructure your behaviour and develop an action plan

Day 3

  1. Understand the findings of the WIS questionnaire
  2. Gain insights into what motivates you and others 
  3. Receive guidance from your group coach for effectively channelling your energies

Day 4

  1. Discover how to improve team dynamics to lead better performance 
  2. Formulate a framework for evaluation and reward 
  3. Learn to use feedback as a performance motivator

Day 5

  1. Understand how to build and sustain a framework for change 
  2. Review what it takes to be an organisational change agent 
  3. Programme concludes with refining your action plan