Madhu Viswanathan and Bhagwan Chowdhry initiated Interdisciplinary Brown Bag (IBB) Seminars

Interdisciplinary Brown Bag - IBB@ISB

  • We will meet every Wednesday 12:30-1:30pm.
  • Each one of you can propose to lead the session on a Wednesday - send Madhu Viswanathan, Bhagwan Chowdhry an email and copy Niranjana.
  • You can propose that all of us watch a video talk from some world-renowned scholar together, say for 20 minutes and we can discuss the idea together.
  • You can also propose a half-baked related research idea that you are interested in working on.
  • Feel free to send an article or paper to read before the session with the full understanding that most people will show up without reading it, but they may glance at it for getting the context.