Technology Entrepreneurship Programme (TEP)

Programme Details


Learning Components

The components of TEP can be categorised into these areas: (i) Instructional; (ii) Practical; and (iii) Add-ons: Mentor Connect, Webinars, etc.



Technology Entrepreneurship Programme (TEP) is a one-year programme offered by the Indian School of Business.


Programme Highlights

This section gives you information about the college-district programme spread and the list of participant colleges.



Certificates are awarded to students at the end of the year upon successful completion of course requirements (instructional, practical, and add-on components). Certificates of completion are awarded jointly certified by ISB and APITA for students from Andhra Pradesh and certified by ISB and TASK for students from Telangana.


ISB actively encourages engineering colleges, which have a vision to promote entrepreneurship among students to enrol in the programme. The enrolled colleges encourage engineering students who are in their 2nd year 1st semester and have entrepreneurial aspirations, to apply for the programme.

For Colleges

Over 30 colleges currently associated with TEP are actively encouraging their students to enrol for the programme to develop an entrepreneurial mind-set and become global technology leaders.

For Students

For aspiring entrepreneurs, TEP provides a platform to jump-start the process by experimenting with new ideas and developing skills to innovate and succeed in their chosen field.


The TEP participants get access to online, self-paced, instructional course modules by world-renowned faculty at ISB



ISB’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) in association with APITA and TASK concludes the graduation ceremony for the 4th batch (2017-19) of Technology Entrepreneurship Programme (TEP)

Student Testimonials

Technology Entrepreneurship Programme (TEP) is a one of a kind, hybrid, semi-virtual programme in the country for engineering college students. It gets its seal of approval from the participants.