ISB's Institute of Data Science hosted its first Datathon Case Competition in November-December 2021. The theme for the Datathon was- 'Business Analytics Datathon.' We are very proud to share that the Datathon witnessed enthusiastic participation by a whopping 70 teams and 250 members. Working professionals in data science/ analytics participated in the Datathon. The Datathon offered corporate and student teams an opportunity to leverage the knowledge of Advanced Analytics & Data Science to provide business solutions that encourage 'Transformational decision-making.' 

Each team comprising 3-4 participants had to offer a business solution to the problem statement given to them. Prof. Madhu Viswanathan conducted a workshop to explain the problem statement to the participants. 

IIDS had provided masked data sets for the model development of the business problem. The winners of the Datathon were declared by a jury comprising Jatinder Kautish, Suryanarayana Ambatipudi, Vijay Nair, and Rama Vempati.

As it stands today, women are highly underrepresented in jobs in Data Science. Women in Data Science and Analytics will help provide unique perspectives and prevent statistical biases. To encourage women's participation in Data Science, we instituted a special prize category for the team with maximum women’s participation.  

The winning teams are as follows:





Connecting Dots




Expecto Data-Ronum

Maximum Number of Female Participation


Team Accelerate:

Sudarson Roy Pratihar




Sarthak Prakash Pawar





Dipen Rana


Deepesh Pai


Runner’s-Up: Team Connecting Dots and Team Discovery      

Team Connecting Dots:

Mandeep Singh

Samprita Sasihithlu

Meenal Praveen Bhosale

Smriti Priya


Team Discovery:

Piyush Sharma

Navnitya Tiwari

Madhuri Kumari

Raghu Ramakrishnan


Team Expecto Data-ronum:

A A V Siva Karthikeya Sarma

Anchal Kalra

Shivi Shivangi

Vamsi Krishna K