Prof Sarang Deo guest-edited a special edition of ISBInsight - the research periodical of ISB -focused on Healthcare and ICT (August 2018, Volume 05, Issue 02). The following articles were curated as part of this edition.

  • Rx ICT: Digitally Disrupting Healthcare by Prof Sarang Deo, Hanu Tyagi. This article was republished by Forbes India and was featured in the top 15 articles in 2018.
  • Taking Off: Digital Health Startups in India
  • What problems are India’s digital health entrepreneurs tackling? A round-up of six digital health startup
  • Digital Health Startups in India: The Challenge of Scale
  • Digitising Indian Healthcare Records
  • MIHM Analyst Hanu Tyagi reported that digital health startups are bringing novel technologies such as wearable tech, telemedicine, genomics and artificial intelligence to the Indian healthcare system.
  • A survey of Indian hospitals revealed that health information systems are available and used routinely in most facilities, say Prof Adam Powell, Hanu Tyagi and Jasmine Ludhar (Analyst at MIHM).
  • Can IT Solve the Healthcare Information Dilemma?
  • Unequal access to information for decision-making parties frequently occurs in healthcare markets. Technology may solve part of the problem, says Prof Sisir Debnath and Dibya Mishra.
  • Practice-based Evidence from Healthcare Data
  • How do we learn best practices from healthcare data? Prof Rema Padman examines emerging trends and analytical models.
  • Prof Sarang Deo and Hanu Tyagi ask: Can technology be a gamechanger in addressing the problems that affect the Indian healthcare ecosystem? 


Other articles in ISBInsight

  • The fine print on health app privacy by Preeti Singh, Analyst at MIHM. She wrote about the issue of privacy concerns of apps useful for tracking health. This article was republished by Forbes India