The Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management is one of the institutes within the ISB umbrella and was set up with the objective of developing management capacity for the infrastructure and real estate sectors. It seeks to do so through multi-pronged activities in education, research, and outreach. Education would involve long and short-term courses of very high quality. The research will involve an examination of the key problems facing the industry and finding solutions to them. It will also seek to inform public policy and contribute to the national development effort. Outreach will seek to make the results of its research known to all as also seek to convene industry stakeholders to a common forum to discuss and resolve key issues faced by the industry.

Our Vision

To create high-quality leadership and management capacity for the infrastructure and real estate sectors and also create an understanding of the sustainability dimensions impacting the sectors, by delivering quality education, contextual research, and continuous outreach.

Our Mission

  •  Create top-quality educational and training programs.
  •  Facilitate learning through online programs.
  •  Undertake research that is contextual to India and other developing countries.
  •  Develop tools and decision support systems to support the infrastructure and real estate practice.
  •  Undertake continuous outreach to support the sectors.
  •  Serve as a "Go to" place for the infrastructure and real estate sectors in India and abroad.



The Punj Lloyd Institute aims to equip professionals in the infrastructure and real estate industry with the skills required for effective management of resources and projects. Infrastructure and real estate remain as key pillars of India’s aspirations for economic growth, and therefore high-quality infrastructure and real estate managers will be indispensable as we move along in the 21st century. To this end, the Institute endeavors to develop custom-made programs for mid-career professionals in the infrastructure and real estate industry that shall focus on key areas such as project management, contract management, dispute management, stakeholder management, finance, marketing, customer relations, economics, governance, etc.

Advanced Management Programme for Infrastructure

The programme focuses on building leaders in the infrastructure and real estate sector. It attempts to build skills in leadership and teamwork, change management and business acumen. The program adopts a scientific data-driven approach to help participants understand business risks and enables them to recognize emerging trends in the Real Estate and Infrastructure industry. It promotes experiential learning through team-based solving of a real-life problem.

Activities in Education

  • The seventh batch of the Advanced Management Programme (AMPI) commenced its third term in October 2023.
  • The average work experience in the class is 12.8 years
  • The students come from organizations such as Kavirama Designs and Facility Company,National Thermal Power Corporation Limited,Prima Landmarks, and Noida Metro Rail Corporation

Guest Speakers

ISB has enduring relationships with some of India’s most renowned leaders in Infrastructure, governance, and business many of whom are invited to speak during AMPI residencies and share their experiences in particular sectors. These inspiring sessions provide students first-hand insights into Infrastructure and the critical challenges faced by the corporates. It ensures an enriching learning experience for the students and a chance for them to interact closely with the distinguished academics and business experts, complementing their rigorous course curriculum. This exercise also helps build and strengthen the relationship between ISB and the world's leading professionals.


Research at the Institute bridges the gap between Industry and Academia through applied knowledge to real-life problems.








The PLIIM, in line with its mission to engage with stakeholders to bring impact in Infrastructure, undertakes commissioned projects in its focus areas.


Guided by an advisory council of eminent academicians, industry leaders, and commentators, we have a small and tightly knit team at the  Punj Lloyd Institute of Infrastructure Management.


We host an array of events throughout the year from conferences, seminars, workshops, and social events amongst others. Events serve as platforms to engage stakeholders from the world of academia, government, and public & private sector, creating bridges and an overarching atmosphere for better understanding & collaboration, and for the genesis of newer ideas & thought trajectories.