• For: Individuals who have a passion for research and learning
  • Duration: 5 Years
  • Location: Hyderabad, Mohali

THE FELLOW PROGRAMME IN MANAGEMENT (FPM) AT THE INDIAN SCHOOL OF BUSINESS (ISB) grooms promising young researchers to be innovative problem-solvers and thinkers in the business disciplines of Accounting, Financial Economics, Information Systems, Marketing, Operations Management, Organisational Behaviour, and Strategy, which are niche areas at the ISB.

The programme successfully builds upon the research strengths of ISB faculty members who engage in cutting-edge research that is academically rigorous and highly relevant to the current needs of the business.

Who is it for?

THE FELLOW PROGRAMME IN MANAGEMENT (FPM) is designed for individuals who have a passion for research and learning, and are keen to pursue an academic career. If academic research is your calling then this programme will be most beneficial to you.

We welcome individuals from a wide variety of experiences. You do not need to have a business or management background to be eligible for the programme. Individuals who like to ask tough, stimulating questions and have a passion for research and learning will find this programme very rewarding.

To be eligible, you must hold a university degree from an accredited academic institution. You must also have the keenness to engage in high-quality research and the commitment to foray into an  academic career at an international level. When you apply, you will be assessed for superior academic credentials, passion for learning, faculty recommendations and personal characteristics. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are also essential.

Why FPM?

THE FELLOW PROGRAMME IN MANAGEMENT (FPM) at the ISB will build your research skills through support and mentorship from the School’s outstanding faculty.

ISB’s unique portfolio faculty model consists of exceptional resident and visiting faculty from the best B-schools worldwide. These much-sought after faculty will guide you on your research.

The current team of Resident Faculty comprises members who have each excelled in his or her research areas and possss exceptional teaching skills. In addition, visiting faculty from top business schools across the world, share their knowledge and perspectives with the students. This dynamic research environment is further enriched by the visiting scholars and research scholars who make trips from time to time to the School. The area leaders from our founding associate schools, the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, also actively participate in curriculum design and research conferences, and assist in our efforts to recruit the best faculty. We also have robust academic collaborations with the London Business School and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. Our associations with excellent business schools ensure that we are always able to bring the latest innovations in global management education to our students. Faculty exchanges, research collaborations, student exchange and curriculum development are various dimensions of our relationship with these schools.


THE FELLOW PROGRAMME IN MANAGEMENT (FPM) brings together individuals from myriad cultural, educational and professional backgrounds, who are interested in a fulfilling career in academia.

Financial Aspects & Scholarship



THE FELLOW PROGRAMME IN MANAGEMENT (FPM) DEVELOPS AND GROOMS inspired and dedicated individuals to explore research issues in business. Besides nurturing their foray into the research arena, the FPM also moulds budding young researchers into effective teachers.

Student Profiles

The current ISB research student pool has incredibly intelligent and motivated students from exceptionally good schools

Candidates on Job Market

Candidates on Job Market 


Information on Students publications

The Experience


Prakash Satyavageeswaran

Assistant Professor,

IIM Udaipur

“More than hard work, it’s the perseverance that actually pays off in a PhD programme. More than innate curiosity, it’s the attention to detail and an openness to receive criticism and feedback which made me a better researcher.”



Saipriya Kamath

Assistant Professor, London School of  Economics &  Political Science

“ISB gives you an opportunity to work with top-notch researchers and learn from the best. It laid a strong foundation for research both through coursework and through guidance received from professors.”



Arkaja Chakraverty

Assistant Professor, International College of Economics & Finance, National Research University

“As an FPM student at ISB I was never confined in the boundaries of a department. Interdisciplinary research added a feather to my cap.”



Pratik Goel

Assistant Professor,

IÉSEG School of Management

 “The best part about the FPM at the ISB was the availability and ease of access to the best minds and scholarly resources in my field all at one place. The support that I got at ISB was phenomenal! The quality of the programme is on par with that of the top schools around the world.”

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Date: September 17, 2023

Time: 11:00am to 11:30am

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Date: October 15, 2023

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Date: November 05, 2023

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  • Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) - Online Info session - Webinar 4

Date: December 03, 2023

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  • Fellow Programme in Management (FPM)  - Online Info session - Webinar 5

Date: January 07, 2024

Time: 11:00am to 11:30am

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