Aishwarya Joshi

Curriculum and Electives Coordinator

Aishwarya Joshi is a passionate sales and marketing leader who brings the power of biotech to life. From decoding DNA sequences to crafting compelling strategies, she thrives on the dynamic interplay of science and business. But that's not all—when she’s not immersed in the world of biotech, you'll find me unleashing my energy through dance, gliding through the water in the pool, and even gracing the stage with my theatrical endeavours. Focussed on roles where sales, marketing, and the wonders of biotech converge.

Mansi Narang

P2P Learning and Bidding Coordinator

Mansi Narang, graduated in 2021 with a degree in Bachelor of Management Studies Prior to ISB, Mansi was working in the strategy and Go-To-Market (GTM) team at Postman. Mansi has a strong background in driving business growth. Her expertise lies in developing and executing strategic initiatives, utilizing her analytical skills and market knowledge. Outside of work, Mansi enjoys exploring new destinations, savoring delicious food, and immersing herself in the world of literature.

Shivangi Srivastava

Section Representative A

Shivangi is a civil engineer from MIT, Manipal. Since then, she has been working in the field of environment and sustainability.

She has an interest in Astronomy, Mythology, and Sports. She is an optimist and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

Anay Singh

Section Representative B

Anay has a diverse professional background in sales and publishing. Immediately before ISB, he served as a content strategist at Pearson, planning, developing, and commissioning interactive content for legacy print and digital products.

Prior to his professional roles, he was a leader at the U&I Trust Delhi Chapter where he collaborated with various NGOs to provide short-term virtual education programs for underprivileged children. He is an avid debater and has won numerous awards in the Delhi debate circuit. 

He is driven by a passion for leveraging technology to enhance people's lives and believes in promoting accessible education for all. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling, reading, playing sports, and cooking.

Nayan Sethia

Section Representative C

Nayan is a 2021 graduate from Hansraj College and has 20 months of work experience at Bain Capability Network in the Private Equity space. He enjoys working in groups. Working towards society moves him.

He loves to play football and is a professional table tennis player. He likes listening to music to relieve stress and enjoys rainy weather.

Sushant Sheopori

Section Representative D

Sushant Sheopori, following his passion for food, graduated from the Institute of Hotel Management in 2016. Before joining ISB, Sushant garnered a wealth of experience and knowledge over the course of 6+ years while working for renowned hospitality giants such as Hilton and OYO across different countries and states.

He specializes in revenue management, strategy, and hotel operations and focuses on fostering a positive work environment. Beyond his work, he cherishes his time cooking, playing a videogame, or chanting for Man Utd FC.

Avinash Kumar

Section Representative E

With a background in Computer Science, Avinash brings valuable expertise to the table along with 30 months of professional experience in Implementation Consulting and Project Management within the realm of Tech-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies. He has successfully handled major clients such as Unilever, Kellogg's, and Mondelez throughout his career, operating across diverse geographical locations. Avinash possesses a genuine passion for graphic design. He enjoys indulging in recreational activities such as playing badminton and finding solace in the melodies of music.

Ridhi Sood

Section Representative F

Ridhi graduated in 2017 from IGDTU and worked as a software developer for 5.5 years before coming to ISB. Her expertise lies in various programming languages and technologies, and she loves to have a conversation about the latest industry trends. She is known for her strong technical abilities, problem-solving skills, attention to detail, and ability to work effectively within a team. She loves collaborating to brainstorm ideas and find creative solutions. Outside of work, you will find her dancing or binge-watching sitcoms!

Abhinav Pandey

Section Representative G

A material science engineer from NIT Rourkela and Big Data consultant by profession, Abhinav has over 2.5 years of work experience in providing end-to-end business solutions related to data transformation and management for the clients of the financial services sector while working at Capgemini. He is a people’s person who always remains ready to help everyone in any situation. Apart from regular work, he is passionate about cooking, traveling, and enjoys singing and playing table tennis.

Ajay Bhat

Section Representative H

A Mechanical Engineering graduate from BITS Pilani, Ajay is an energy professional with over 2.5 years of experience across the energy value chain. He is experienced in the areas of operations, construction planning & stakeholder management. Outside work, he enjoys swimming, running, traveling in metros & exploring the top food outlets of the city. He loves reading books on his Kindle in his free time and is a big Asimov fan. Having lived in Mumbai for most of his life, he wishes to further work & settle there.