Aakarshit Kalra



Aakarshit developed his communication skills though his multilingual educational and professional international experiences. He believes in the power of listening and storytelling, which he aspires to infuse into a YouTube channel one day. He enjoys the tranquillity of the oceans as a scuba diver and the thrills of tucking and pushing as a longboarder.


Vice President - Education


Ishita completed her undergraduate degree at NIT Kurukshetra post which she has worked with NatWest Group India for four years in digitization and automation domain. She loves to read fiction and self-help books.

Alka Kumari

Vice President - Memberships


Born and brought up in Dhanbad, Jharkhand, Alka holds a degree in Electrical Engineering from NIT Kurukshetra. She has worked in analytics and consulting for 3.5+ years. She managed a lot of projects involving AI ML solutions for businesses across industries and worked extensively in customer & marketing analytics in her last job. Alka is passionate about travelling and public speaking.

Li Ting Yong

Vice President - Public Relations


Born in Malaysia, Li Ting Yong holds a bachelor's degree in Journalism from Taiwan. She has seven years of working experience in operations, merchandising planning and brand management in the retail industry. Li Ting is well-versed in multiple languages and has a great understanding of many different cultures. She loves to travel and capture all that awes her with her camera.

Anshul Garg



Hailing from an ancient town Ropar, Anshul holds the degree of Civil Engineering from IIT Roorkee. Post-college he decided to improve government operational efficiency by implementing different technologies prevalent in the private sector. He has 6+years of experience in the project management/government consultancy sector. In the last job, he was managing 13 districts of Tamil Nadu in the Department of Post. He has a passion for writing articles related to the Indian economy and society

Varun Jain

Sergeant at Arms


Born and brought up in Delhi, Varun holds a masters degree in Mathematics and a bachelors in Chemical Engineering from BITS Pilani. His entire professional career has been in the pharmaceutical industry, first as an analyst for 2 years and then as a consultant for 1 year. He is passionate about music and table tennis