Mrinaline Mishra


Mrinaline is a mechanical graduate and has an experience of around 5 years across multiple industries in the field of Production Planning and Program management. She is very passionate about anchoring and understands the importance of the art of public speaking.  When unaccompanied by friends, she loves to read self-help books.

Priya Vyshnavi

Vice President– Education

Priya worked as a developer at Microsoft for 2.5+ years and had experience as a web developer. Priya actively collaborated with cross-functional teams ,by helping teams understand user requirements and refining user stories, Priya demonstrated her expertise in user experience (UX) and contributed to the overall success of the projects. UX plays a crucial role in creating user-friendly and intuitive applications, so Priya's skills in this area have been valuable to the teams she worked with.

Priya Vyshnavi holds a bachelor's degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from VIT, Vellore. Priya finds a source of inspiration traveling and finds joy in exploring nature, cultures, landscapes.

Hardik Singla

Vice President – Public Relations

Hardik is an engineering graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology (BHU) Varanasi, with 3.5 years of experience in the software industry. He worked as a web developer at Microsoft and as an android developer at Samsung Research and Development. He is passionate about using technology to solve real-world problems. He is always up for discussing tech, books, and anime over coffee. Additionally, he has a keen interest in traveling and is an enthusiastic food lover.



Shubhangi Gupta

Vice President – Membership

Shubhangi has 6 years of work experience which included 3 years of experience in Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and at a Coaching Institute in Kanpur while preparing for the Civil Services Examination. During her tenure at MHA, she looked after the law & order and security related aspects of the district she was posted in.

She has done B. Tech (Computer Science) from Suresh Gyan Vihar University, Jaipur. She enjoys watching sitcoms in her free time.

Ashish Jojo John


Ashish is a skilled revenue analytics professional with four years of experience at Myntra, where he tackled key issues in sales, marketing, acquisition, retention, pricing, and planning. His background in revenue analytics and data science, combined with his e-commerce expertise, makes him an asset to any data-driven team.

He is passionate about pioneering technologies, and values strategic foresight, nurturing creativity, building teams, fostering collaboration, and driving transformative innovation with resilience.

Anvita Kolhatkar


Anvita is a commerce graduate from Mumbai and comes with 3 years of diverse Product Management experience at ICICI Bank. She loves solving complex business problems which enhances user experience. She is curious, empathetic and a good listener. Anvita loves to explore diverse cultures, places, food, and you can discuss any TV shows, art house cinema and international films with her. She loves to draw, cook and play the Piano.