Global Executive MBA programmes are tailored for experienced managers, senior executives, and business owners/entrepreneurs with substantial professional experience. The ISB PGPMAX  seeks experienced working professionals who have the desire and passion to learn and use the knowledge to advance their careers.


To be eligible to apply for the programme the following criteria need to be fulfilled:

Bachelor’s Degree: The applicant should have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent qualification in any discipline. An equivalent qualification will be determined by the Admission Committee of the programme and will include the likes of CA, ICWA, etc.

Work Experience: The applicant should possess a minimum of 10 years of full-time work experience post bachelor's degree as on the programme start date.


  • A letter of consent from the current employer is required for the candidate to pursue the programme. This can be submitted either during the application process or once admission has been secured.

Selection Criteria

Applicants to the PGPMAX programme are evaluated on several criteria to ensure that the participants selected are well-rounded individuals. Each component of the application and the performance in the interview is important.

Selection of the participants for the programme is made considering a combination of many factors including:

  1. Leadership potential
  2. Personal attributes, maturity, global outlook, attitude/mindset
  3. Quantity and quality of work experience, e.g. people management experience, decision making experiences, significant responsibility, experience of managing budgets, etc.
  4. Achievement orientation
  5. Strong communication skills
  6. Likelihood of benefiting from the programme
  7. Motivation to participate in the programme
  8. Undergraduate degree performance
  9. Performance in the interview

The above-mentioned criteria are not in order of importance

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