What is PGPMAX?

What is PGPMAX?

A global executive MBA equivalent programme designed for experienced professionals/senior executives and business owners.

ISB's PGPMAX is a 15 month, Global Executive MBA level programme designed to meet higher career aspirations of Experienced Professionals and Business Owners/Entrepreneurs with 15+ years of work experience. 

The main objective of the programme is to prepare individuals become global business leaders and maintain long-term career success. It aims to develop analytical, strategic and leadership skills that are essential to navigate in today's complex and evolving business world. 

How is Global Executive MBA different from other MBA programmes?

  1. Designed exclusively for experienced business professionals who are preparing to take on CxO level responsibilities.
  2. A curriculum that covers and integrates all functional business areas.
  3. Taught by senior faculty who has extensive teaching and industry experience.
  4. Include a strong international component with both academic and experiential learning experiences.
  5. Focuses on general management which helps the participants look at the organization from the view of a CEO.

What makes the PGPMAX programme unique?

Cutting Edge Curriculum

The learning outcome focuses on the development of skills and competencies essential for becoming global business leaders. The curriculum is designed for senior executives and has a general management focus with an emphasis on leadership, personal skill development, and applied learning.

Top Global Faculty

The programme is taught by senior faculty of ISB and other top global business schools. Faculty members with rich academic and industry experience deliver content that is relevant for experienced professionals.


Exceptional Peer Group

Participants get the opportunity to stay on campus and network with faculty and peers. The programme offers an active dialogue in the classroom with high-quality peers who understand the demand and challenges of being an executive.


Two International Immersions in USA and Asia

The programme offers two international immersions. One week of international immersion is held in the USA and another week of international immersion is held in Asia.


Classroom-Based Learning with Minimal Disruptions

 The programme is designed in such a way that the participants can earn a master’s equivalent degree in business administration while studying in a format that minimizes disruptions to their work.


Executive Member Council

ISB (PGPMAX) is granted membership to the Executive MBA Council (EMBAC). EMBAC is the academic association that represents the Executive MBA (EMBA) industry in the world.

Who is it for?

The Executive MBA level programme attracts experienced managers, senior management executives and business owners/entrepreneurs with 15+ years of full-time work experience. As a PGPMAX participant, you will study with accomplished individuals who aspire to become global business leaders. 

We seek individuals who possess the following attributes:

  1. Well balanced and mature
  2. Self-motivated and passionate about learning
  3. Have a global outlook and mindset
  4. Possess high ethical standards
  5. Display leadership potential

Professional Background

Enterprise Leader, Individual Contributor, Manager of Managers, Functional Head, Business Unit heads, Startups, Public Sector Institutions, Defence Service Personnel, and Business Owners/Entrepreneurs.


Executive MBA participants go through high-quality learning which enables them to identify and understand various issues that drive businesses in an ever-changing complex global environment. The PGPMAX programme offers a well-defined curriculum that gives the necessary framework for better decision-making.

Key Benefits

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