Manu Saigal

Director - General Staffing, Adecco India


With over 2 decades of experience in turning around businesses, PnL management, framing and executing new initiatives, people management, detailed task & resource planning; Manu has acted as a single point contact for clients in escalation situations and has deep experience in senior client handling across industries.

Manu’s proven areas of expertise include:
• Building long term customer relationships
• Creating Winning Teams
• Setting up new businesses and practices from scratch
• Leadership centered around authenticity, inclusion and coaching
• Entrepreneurial ability and skills in translating vision and deliver on high impact decisions

Why did you choose PGPMAX?

I am currently leading the largest Business Unit at Adecco India. The next role would require skills beyond people management, operational excellence and PnL management. I wanted to enhance my skills further in general management, strategic thinking, cross-functional knowledge and build a network of senior executives. I believe that ISB through their world-class faculty, well thought through curriculum, exceptional peer group, classroom-based learning and international immersions can help me prepare for the next career aspiration in a much more structured framework.