Narendra Kumar Sivakumar

Vice President, Value Momentum


Mr. Sivakumar has 16+ years of experience in the Information Technology predominantly in insurance industry and 9+ of those with international experience.  Mr. Sivakumar has held several key positions in US and India during this career span, including program manager, delivery manager, director client services and PMO Executive.

Mr. Sivakumar has leveraged his expertise in technology, insurance, program management, client management and pre-sales to drive award-winning program delivery at ValueMomentum. Mr. Sivakumar has championed PMO to drive delivery excellence, customer trust and satisfaction.  Mr. Sivakumar’s mission is to nurture and grow young line-of-business (or vertical) into 100m by 2025. Mr. Sivakumar holds a Bachelor of Technology Degree in Information Technology from University of Madras.

Why did you choose PGPMAX programme?

With 16+ years of global experience, I have been steadily realized that there is more to business leadership beyond client-program-technology management. I looked at PGPMAX to effectively bridge those critical business skill gaps and help me take up an executive role.

Few years back, my employer restructured internally, creating new business units to offer hyper-specialized solutions to grow at scale. Post PGPMAX, I intended to head one such business unit by refining offerings, exploring new markets, and partnering new alliances. With global perspectives, strong alumni and industry connect at ISB, I envisage growing this business globally at scale.

In 2021, I have been promoted as Vice President to lead business unit couple of years ahead than I earlier thought. Among several other factors, my decision to pursue PGPMAX at ISB has strongly swayed my employer’s decision in my favor.