Surya Prasad Dantuluri

Consulting Practice Manager, Oracle 


Surya is a consulting practice manager with over 15+ years of experience in the field of Oracle ERP/HCM Consulting. He has had a great deal of international exposure in ERP/HCM transformation projects for large clients in the Middle East, Europe & Asia Pacific.

Surya is passionate about interacting with people of various nationalities and varied backgrounds and in helping them design solutions for their ERP/HCM needs. He is a technology advocate and is keen to venture into an entrepreneurial journey in the hospitality/technology space.

Why did you choose PGPMAX?

In 15 years, I have gained substantial experience in the technology industry. Deep diving into the domain, I carved an accelerated career path, moving from technical to management roles and leading global teams two years ahead of the norm. Eventually, I want to transition to a CXO role handling Business Development and Client Relations, while focussing on innovation and value creation, using cutting. edge technologies.

I believe the enticing array of courses offered in combination with a case-based approach of learning will serve to plug the gaps in my existing knowledge base. The international immersions and networking opportunities offered through the programme, promises a fresh and holistic perspective on problem-solving and decision-making; quintessential to achieving professional growth.