Venkata Suryanarayana Mangipudi

Service Delivery Manager, CGI


Surya has spent 20 years in IT industry with experience in managing service delivery to Telecom Service providers across USA, Canada, and Europe. He specializes in Telecom Service Assurance domain and predominantly works in the trouble ticketing area. He has ardent interest in Data Science and provides consultancy within the organization to implement accelerator solutions using machine learning.

Why did you choose PGPMAX?

I chose PGPMAX because the program is specifically designed for experienced professionals like me. The program gives an opportunity to implement some of the learnings immediately. It also gives an opportunity to meet people who are at the same level of experience across various industries which is unique. 

Being an on-campus program and given the academic rigour, every student develops very good bonding with the cohort which lasts for a lifetime. Halfway through the program, I have got exactly what was promised and a lot more. The cohort collectively holds more than 1000 years of experience and the learning I get is tremendous both inside and outside the classroom.