Anuj Sood

Director and Head of Service Management, Sungard Availability Services


Anuj Sood’s profession embodies his passion for customer service, which coupled with a keen interest in emerging technologies and innovation, propelled his career towards the IT industry. He has worked for some of the best organizations in service delivery for over 19 years, and he truly believes that breakthrough results in any industry can be achieved through strong teams, management focus, empathy, and risk-taking ability.


Why did you choose PGPMAX programme?

Pursuing the PGPMAX programme at this stage in my professional life has given me an opportunity to learn through a rich curriculum delivered by professors with subject expertise and extensive research background. It provides me with an environment where experienced intellectuals and future leaders from different industries and business functions come together for in-depth discussions and knowledge sharing. The programme enables me to develop more integrated thinking towards data-driven solutions, build a strategic mindset to identify and execute opportunities for growth, and build a more global outlook. The skills and alumni network that I will develop through this programme would help me achieve my long-term goal of being an entrepreneur.