Divya Manjari

Senior Programme Manager, Microsoft


Divya Manjari is a technology professional with 19 years of experience in building enterprise products and solving business problems, mostly in retail/e-commerce in cloud space. She has done her B. Tech from IIT Kharagpur in Instrumentation engineering. She worked as an engineering manager developing the products and then switched to product/programme management role five years back to develop vision and roadmap for the products. She has had the opportunity to assist clients and partners through their digital transformational journey. Divya had an enriching experience building products to automate retail functions and launch various e-commerce and B2B solutions.

Why did you choose PGPMAX programme?

I had deep technology experience but had very limited exposure to various functions in global business. To expand the horizon of knowledge and finetune my leadership skills, I chose to pursue an Executive MBA and my extensive research zeroed on PGPMAX at ISB. This programme gave me the luxury of continuing to work while I was learning from some of the best professors in the world in a classroom setting. One of the USPs was learning from the handpicked set of classmates from a diverse set of background, each highly successful and knowledgeable in their areas. I believe the curriculum is very well designed to give a rounded view of business and it is very rigorous to prepare you for the leadership role that demands 200% from you. Now, through with three quarters of the course, PGPMAX has been one of the best decisions in my life.