Alumni Privileges

The participants in the programme will be a part of the strong ISB alumni network and will be able to leverage this network to their advantage. The first batch of students from the ISB graduated in the year 2002. Since then we have built our alumni network, which now has around 13500+ alumni, spread across 60+ countries. The ISB alumni participate in student orientation programmes and information sessions, and also partake in mentoring sessions. There is a strong network between the ISB alumni and the current batch of students. The School believes that a student’s relationship with the ISB does not end upon completion of the programme. Graduation simply marks the beginning of a lifetime relationship with the School.

Life-Long Learnings


Course Audits

As a part of the lifelong learning services, alumni are given opportunities to audit MFAB courses.


Conferences & Seminars Invite

The School also provides numerous opportunities to alumni to participate in conferences and seminars, covering a wide range of subjects like finance, marketing, IT etc.


Workshops in person

A number of workshops are also conducted in various chapters covering topics like: leadership, negotiation analysis, and networking. These workshops are conducted by renowned speakers and faculty members.

MFAB Admissions

The PGP MFAB has been designed to equip family business leadership with a specific set of skills which enhances their competencies and conditions them to capitalise on opportunities and challenges. Know more about the program admissions.

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