The ISB Global Pro-Bono Consulting Programme at ISB is a consulting practice designed to supply new ideas and actionable recommendations for business problems faced by not-for-profit organisations.

The student team working on a Pro-Bono Project typically spends 125 Hours on the project within the duration of 3 months. A formal report on the findings and recommendation is then presented to the client. The programme is beneficial for our clients and ISB students as the client gets an independent perspective and solution to the business issue at hand. The students in turn get the experience of applying their class room knowledge to a live context.
A typical student team brings with himself a combined work experience of 20+ years with diverse skill sets. ISB students have the access to great faculty from all over the world and alumni, with whom they can consult the project. The client is not charged for the services and the assignment is carried out free of cost.
Details of various projects under the pro-bono banner and the teams working on them are provided below.
ClientProject BriefSector/focus area
CfBT Education Services (India)
A subsidiary of the CfBT Education Trust UK
(i) Access to initial financing and a portfolio of education services and products for SHGs that otherwise would have no source of access to such funding or portfolios; (ii) a demonstration that this education resource service can be a viable business proposition which has the wherewithal for rollout to other regions with similar shortfalls in access to finance and education resources; and (iii) the mobilisation of donor and investor resources into a key area for improving the quality of basic education.       Education
Dr Reddy’s FoundationFundraising strategy development for DRF
- A detailed report on the strategies 
- Fundraising tools 
- Resources Required 
- Deployment of IT in the execution of the strategy 
- Monitoring and tracking plan 
- Feedback mechanism 
- Implementation plan / work plan
Training for the under privileged
SEVAA comprehensive recommendation report that would address areas such as:
1. Fund raising
2. Visibility of the organisation – publicity needs and means
Any other suggestions on the running of the organization
Confidential and free counseling services
Mushroom Development FoundationSmall farmers to federate with micro entrepreneur using mushroom.Micro Finance
Centre for Social Initiative and Management (CSIM)1. To suggest strategies/approaches for creating better awareness of CSIM’s work in and around Hyderabad
2. To suggest methods for marketing of CSIM courses
3. To recommend fund-raising strategies for CSIM
4. To develop some publicity/marketing material for CSIM
Training and Education
BHUMI- Centre for Transformational Leadership1. The project should devise a system of obtaining from each project such details as required to equip it to move in the direction we had intended it to.
2. It should devise a system for chalking out detailed operational plans for each project/event.
3. The project should create roles and responsibilities within our projects along with proposed remuneration packages for various positions.
People Processes
BHUMI1. Developing branding and marketing strategies for BHUMI training interventions
2. Identifying market segments viz., corporates, bureaucrats, college students and others
3. Exploring possible challenges and proposed alternatives
4. Developing the communication kit
5. Developing marketing PPT’s
Brand Building
BHUMI1. Requirement analysis and Feasibility study for the Dronacharya Ekalavya Tutoring Mentoring Programme
2. Design of the programme
3. Collaborations and Marketing strategy analysis 
4. Operational plan for the DnE fest 
5. Exploring possible challenges and proposed alternative solutions
6. A Task Check list for the event 
7. Project Documentation
Strategic Planning
Make A Difference1. Have a systematic process in place to ensure mass implementation of the Friends of MAD (FOM) program in India and a few other selected countries.
2. Enable FOM contributions to touch INR 300000 a month by the end of January.
Naandi FoundationThe overall objective of the project is to provide guidance on how Naandi could support SAMTFMACS in moving into black pepper cultivation and marketing. This guidance would provide a critical first step for writing grant proposals to support the new black pepper initiative.Marketing Strategy
Village Tourism Development CommitteeMarketing plan for Bhoodan Pochampally Rural Tourism
Marketing strategy for Pochampally
Promotional plan including online marketing
Creative inputs / suggestions for utilisation of facilities at Pochampally and also for marketing and info materials
Marketing Strategy
New Ventures IndiaThe specific objectives would be to identify:
  • Articulate the challenges and opportunities of deploying Renewable Energy in emerging economies
  • Identify companies working in emerging countries that can scale globally
  • Identify business models that can be adapted for local usage
  • Identify technologies that are useful in emerging economy contexts
Renewable Energy
Nirmaan OrganisationObjectives for School adoption program would be to build a Model school which is sustainable. For retaining volunteers and donor management would be to associate them in long run with Nirmaan.We expect 3-4 months of time from students.Education and Livelihood creation