Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation in Business


Technology Special Interest Group (TECH SIG) 

We had several stellar events in 2017 – an alumni quiz at Equinox, a FinTech panel discussion, a VC-PE meetup and, not to forget, a great webinar on Unpacking IoT.

This year, 2018, the SIG is working on establishing a theme for its activities and will attempt to build a certain depth and momentum in that theme.

The theme for this year is Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Automation in Business.

We kick-started the activities within this theme with a webinar on May 9 on Robotic Process Automation. The speaker was Boris Krumrey, Chief Robotics Officer, UiPath, and the session was moderated by Praveen Gonabal (Strategic Engagements, Infosys), Class of ’06 and Tech SIG Moderator.

The plan is to expand further on this theme during the SIG’s flagship event at Equinox 2018.

“In December 2017, we bagged a large contract with a major Sharing Economy company to help in their fraud and risk management. Part of the contract involved data entry and data processing tasks which meant we needed to hire 10 staff members at very short notice. We managed to pull it off – however the real surprise came 60 days later. The tech team was able to automate the entire process flow. We no longer needed manual interventions. All of a sudden we had excess staff capacity…and that was a real reminder of the impact of automation and machine learning.”
 * Ashok Hariharan, Class of ’06, CEO of IDfy.
 The past 18 months have seen conversations move from big data to artificial intelligence and machine learning. This has a direct impact on all our careers (and personal lives!). Companies such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft are surely playing their part in making AI and ML accessible and actionable to a large part of the workforce. The AI Index 2017 Report shows the latest trends and impacts of AI on US markets. Source: AI Index 2017 Report


While there is some anecdotal evidence on how firms are making more AI-focused investments, there is limited understanding and sparse data, particularly in the Indian context, on the size and scope of the impact of AI on firms, including shifts in the quantum and nature of employment and human capital development.
“The rise of powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be either the best or the worst thing ever to happen to humanity. We do not yet know which” – Stephen Hawking
Srini Raju Centre for IT and The Networked Economy (SRITNE), a multi-disciplinary technology research centre at ISB, and the Tech SIG are proud to collaborate and jointly launch Automation & The Future of Work Survey.
The main purpose of this industry survey is three-fold:
* Assess the quantum and nature of AI investments across firms and key business functions
* Assess the potential impacts of AI on productivity, innovation and organisational behaviours. More broadly, explore the potential impacts of AI on shifts in the quantum and nature of employment with an emphasis on the IT and ITeS sector
* Understand the mechanisms underlying these impacts as well as complementary investments in human intelligence that drive impact

We are inviting survey participation from Indian firms across firm types, sizes (MNCs in India/ public listed/private large & mid-sized/ startups) across industries and geographies. A final report with key findings will be developed by SRITNE, ISB and will be shared with respondents by December 2018.
So, please do participate in the Automation & The Future of Work Survey by clicking here and share the survey across your networks. Also, do write in to the SIG moderators to apply to be a volunteer in this joint effort by ISB and Tech SIG. As a small token of appreciation, selected volunteers will get a free pass to Equinox 2018!

About the author:
This article has been written by Vineet Jawa,
alumnus from PGP Co '05, Moderator of the Alumni Technology Special Interest Group(SIG) & co-founder Gaboli, IDfy and CredRight